Normally, with a well-balanced diet, the organism receives adequate amounts of all the necessary elements through the food and water consumed. When, however, any one element is lacking, various diseases, sometimes very serious, may occur. When soil lacks iodine, it is necessary to add it to the common salt. The water of the river Neva […]

Another purpose of food is to provide the organism with energy resources. The building of new molecules is in itself a process which calls for a certain amount of energy. Then there are the muscles and all the other organs of our body, most of which never stop functioning, not even for a single minute.

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In general, the reason why we need to consume this large amount of food during our lifetime is clear. It is primarily intended to provide building materials. No matter how strange it may seem on the face of it, we continue to build up and rebuild our organism till well into old age. Throughout his

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In 74-64 B.C. the Roman legions headed by Lucius Licinius Lucullus completely defeated the troops of the King of Pontus, Mithridates VI (the Great), and then those of his relative, the Armenian King, Tigranes II. The great State of Mithridates disintegrated. Lucullus, how­ever, became widely known not only for his feats of arms and his

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